Monday, September 5, 2011

Beauty Blog! (:

It's finally here! Yep, I'm talking about SEC football! (: This is the time of year that I live for! So, in celebration of football season, I decided to go all out for the first game. Let me make this clear: unfortunately, I didn't go to the game, but I was watching it with a few friends, so I still wanted to dress up. I was completely all red and black for my DAWGS! Woot! :D I water marbled my finger nails, polka-dotted my toenails, and did white and black make-up. AND just in case you were wondering, it is near impossible to find a red eyeshadow. :( If you come across any, PLEASE tell me where you found it! Without further ado, here are pictures of my toenail design, my fingernail design, and my outfit! Hope you like it!
Red with Black dots & White "G"
Diamonds & Rubies
"Black Out"

Black and White Eyeshadow. (48 shimmer pallet from Rue21)
Southern Belles Love their DAWGS!
Products I used. (Used same for Fingers)