Thursday, December 15, 2011

Long time, no blog! :)

Oh my goodness! It's been like 3 months! :( Anyways... I got so behind in school stuff that I just didn't really have time to blog. Boooo! So I guess a New Year's Resolution of mine should be to blog more? Haha. I'm really going to try. I have SO SO SO SO much stuff to catch you guys up on! So I guess I'll do it by month? Haha.


I realized very early in the semester that I was going to be overwhelmed until December 15. Did I drop any classes? No way. Mom finally decided we were moving to a town about an hour and a half from where we were living. I had to quit my job in retail. We moved at the end of the month. (September sucked.)


We moved in our new house on the 1st. I still don't know where everything in this stupid town is. Matthew and I continued to grow apart. School kept getting more difficult. Started my new job on the 10th. At Walmart. Joy. Made new friends in new coworkers. Attempted to adjust to the new house and town.


I met a boyy! (: We had been in class together all semester, but we had never really talked. Matthew and I broke up. Not because of the new boy(Josh.) but there was really nothing there anymore. You can read previous posts to figure that out. Anywho, Josh and I started talking. School got harder. Began to like work a little more. Thanksgiving dinner was held at our new house. And I worked BLACK FRIDAY at WALMART! Freaking 3rd shift. Drank a 5 hour energy. Never again. Ever. I was so sick after I woke up later Friday afternoon.

Decemeber(so far.) :

So far this month, Josh and I have became official. His family is just the greatest. Matt hates my guts and accused me of talking to Josh before we broke up. Which is a false accusation. The fall semester finally ended. WOOOOOOT! My grades weren't where I wanted them to be, but hey.. I'll take it I guess. I'm very behind on my Christmas shopping. :( But other than that, life is almost perfect. And really, I couldn't ask for anything better. I have a great family and an amazing boyfriend. I'm ready for next semester and I'm going to try to do my best not to fall so far behind.

I miss blogging, and I hope I have more time to do it in the future!

Thanks guys. Stay tuned for more! :D

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