Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Ugh... Another rant...

I know you guys are probably thinking: "Geez... all this girl does is freaking complain about her life". And right now, I may have to agree with you on that... But!!!! I just want everyone to know that I am not, I repeat AM NOT a negative Nelly. :)

Well.... My boyfriend and I hardly ever talk anymore... I'm not exaggerating or anything I'm just saying.... Then, if I try to talk to him and tell him how I feel about stuff, he immediately tries to say that I'm blaming him for everything. Do you think it's just in the way I word things? Or does he maybe feel guilty? BAHAHAHA. Yeah right. He's a man. Sorry. Anyways... So I am trying to be understanding, because his family is in the process of expanding their garage. I'm talking like... making it twice the size that it was before. So, he has been working his tail off trying to get it finished. But, you know... I made sacrifices for him. I stopped seeing all my friends, I went over to his house to spend time with him and his family instead of spending time with my own family. But does he remember any of that? Well it sure doesn't freaking seem like it. I just... I want our relationship to be back the way it was when we first got together. Ya know? Like that crazy teenage-puppy love, if you will. I know that sounds stupid since I'm only 18, and he's 19... But we've both changed so much. I feel like neither of us are the same people that we were 2 1/2 years ago. Maybe we've grown apart? I definitely don't want that. I mean... HELLUR!! I obviously love the boy. We've talked about having a future together, you know, marriage, kids, the whole freaking 9 yards. How am I supposed to feel confident in our future, if we don't even have a present?

Monday, July 25, 2011


So... On Friday my mom got a call and said that my Papaw had bought us a puppy. I immediately got so freaking excited! :) My mom on the other hand, she freaked out. She freaked out because we're "not supposed to have pets" at our house. But anyways... She is freaking adorable! And I love her so much already. My mommy just brought her home yesterday, and she's like the best puppy EVER! :) Last night was her first night at my house, so she didn't really sleep good... Her favorite spot of my bed? Okay so let me explain my bed to you real quick... It has like little cubby holes in it.... So she likes laying half way in and out of the middle cubby.
Anyways, I just can't believe how much you can love something you've only known for like... less than 24 hours. But anyways... I just wanted to tell you guys about my new little PUPPY! :D

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

My Last Few Days....

Soo.... Just to warn you, this is gonna be more of a rant post than anything else...

My last few days have been absolutely HORRIBLE. It all started Monday night. So.. My boyfriend and I like, NEVER spend time together of talk to each other anymore... So the on Monday I decided I would tell him how I felt about the current status of our relationship. He told me he was sorry and everything will be getting better soon. Then, on Tuesday, I go into work and the new schedule had been posted... I only have 9.5 hours posted for the upcoming week. So... that really upset me. I mean... I'm planning on getting my car next week, which means I'm gonna have a payment, and gas and insurance and all that good stuff that goes along with vehicles. Then our computers were down at work ALL FREAKING NIGHT LONG. If any of you have ever worked in retail, then you know how important the computer systems are now. I was supposed to get off at 10, we ended up not leaving work until almost 10:30. I know that doesn't sound late, but I was so tired and stressed about the stuff with Matthew, and stuff about my mom's job. So, when I got home from work on Tuesday, I was planning on talking to Matthew about my day in the hopes that he would somehow magically make it better. Boyfriends are supposed to be able to do that sort of thing...right? Anywho.... Then on Wednesday... Oh that's today... I didn't go to sleep till like 4 in the morning, woke up at 11. Had to do homework, and all kinds of stuff.... Still haven't really talked to Matthew... So I just don't really know. I mean, relationships are based on trust first, then communication second, right? I mean, that's just what I think. I just want one thing to go right.... I really don't wanna sound like a "Debbie Downer", but I'm just freaking stressed to the maxxxxx! I'm ready for something to give... SOON!

Anyways... Sorry this was just a rant. I just needed to get somethings off of my chest.
You have my word.. Not every post will be like this! :)
Stay tuned for more!

Monday, July 11, 2011

Day in the life of a College Student

Okay, So last Wednesday(July 6, 2011) this girl started her very first college class. :/ Now I feel like my daily schedule goes a little something like this:

Wake-up(10 or 11-ish)
Take a shower
Get ready
Go to work
Come home, do homework
Go to sleep(2 or 3-ish)

Then, the next day I do it all over again! Even on an "off" day, I feel like I don't get to relax or anything. My life now really revolves around HOMEWORK! And getting to classes on time... and somehow finding tie to see my beloved boyfriend! And spending time with my mommy!
Speaking of my dearly beloved.... He's amazing! For those of you who really know me, you know I do complain about him a lot... But I had class tonight, and when I came home my whole house had been cleaned. :) He knew I would have a lot of homework, and he didn't want me to have to worry about cleaning up the house. Sometimes, I just feel like I don't give him enough credit for everything he does for me and my mom. I'm not trying to be all mushy, but I am very blessed to have him in my life!

Ugh... I knew this blog wasn't a good idea! It's keeping me distracted from my homework! Haha.
Well, that's all for this post!
Stay tuned for more!


Tuesday, July 5, 2011

About Tiff. :)

Well, since I'm new to this I thought I'd just tell you a few things about me!

--My full name is Tiffaney Louise Durham.
--I was born on March 7, 1993. So, I'm 18!
--I have an amazing boyfriend named Matthew Gideon Gibbs.
--I am a college student.
--I have a part-time job at Maurices(which is a women's clothing store.)
--My family and friends mean the WORLD to me.
--I love music. It helps me escape.
--I love to sing(only when no one is listening.)
--I plan to succeed in everything I do just to prove people wrong.
--I absolutely LOVE meeting new people and making new friends.
--I'm starting to get a back bone.
--I can't stand people who lie and put words in other people's mouth.
--I have a VERY big heart, and I wear it on my shoulder.
--I love to tweet. www.twitter.com/TiffaneyLouise is where you can follow me!
--I Facebook A LOT!
--I swear, I have insomnia, which helps in school work... and now blogging I guess! :)
--I love bright colors.
--I used to be so SHY! Now I'm coming out of my shell and becoming out spoken.

I hope you'll stick around to see more of my crazy life! :)