Tuesday, July 5, 2011

About Tiff. :)

Well, since I'm new to this I thought I'd just tell you a few things about me!

--My full name is Tiffaney Louise Durham.
--I was born on March 7, 1993. So, I'm 18!
--I have an amazing boyfriend named Matthew Gideon Gibbs.
--I am a college student.
--I have a part-time job at Maurices(which is a women's clothing store.)
--My family and friends mean the WORLD to me.
--I love music. It helps me escape.
--I love to sing(only when no one is listening.)
--I plan to succeed in everything I do just to prove people wrong.
--I absolutely LOVE meeting new people and making new friends.
--I'm starting to get a back bone.
--I can't stand people who lie and put words in other people's mouth.
--I have a VERY big heart, and I wear it on my shoulder.
--I love to tweet. www.twitter.com/TiffaneyLouise is where you can follow me!
--I Facebook A LOT!
--I swear, I have insomnia, which helps in school work... and now blogging I guess! :)
--I love bright colors.
--I used to be so SHY! Now I'm coming out of my shell and becoming out spoken.

I hope you'll stick around to see more of my crazy life! :)

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